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Contact Magazine

A collection of Apple Computer-related newsletters and catalog information.
Date Published
Contact - Issue No 6 (1979-10)(Apple Computers)(US)
Topics: poke, apple, print, program, data, dos, disk, tablet, user, poke poke, apple computer, print print,...
Best of Contact 78, The (1978)(Apple Computer)(US)
Topics: tape, apple, print, program, poke, software, applesoft, user, basic, tape tape, user group, group...
Contact - Issue No 5 (1979-06)(Apple Computers)(US)
Topics: apple, poke, user, mod, seconds, color, order, computer, verify, computerland, user group, users...
Contact - Issue No 2 (1978-06)(Apple Computers)(US)
Topics: apple, poke, applesoft, print, cassette, peek, goto, integer, program, printer, window width, user...
Contact - Issue No 4 (1978-12)(Apple Computers)(US)
Topics: print, apple, file, applesoft, program, input, error, records, interface, user group, rem ctrl,...
Contact - Issue No 6 (1979-10)(Apple Computers)(US)[catalog]
Topics: apple, retail, integer, suggested, extended, warranty, tablet, programs, pascal, suggested retail,...
Contact - Issue No 3 (1978-09)(Apple Computers)(US)
Topics: apple, poke, program, print, peek, ascii, user, goto, routine, user group, starting address, kybd...
Contact - Issue No 1 (1978-05)(Apple Computers)(US)
Contact - Issue No 4 (1978-12)(Apple Computers)(US)[letter]
Contact - Issue No 5 (1979-06)(Apple Computers)(US)[letter]